Concert and travel photography by Ash Crowe. I'm available for concert/music photography in the Durham, NC area. I also shoot travel photography when I travel and am available for some event/party photography. Please email if you'd like me to shoot a concert, event or other commission for you. I'm available in the Durham, Chapel Hill, Raleigh area to shoot a band or a specific sunset, etc.

Otherwise, I shoot what I love: rock shows, improbable road trips, chasing the perfect curve in the road and that moment of perfect light, sunsets on the water, etc.

If I shot your venue or band or the show of someone you represent and you’d like to use the photos for promotional purposes or if your band or a band you represent is coming to Durham, Chapel Hill, Raleigh or surrounds and you’d like me to shoot the show email me at ashcrowe(at)gmail(dot)com (or just use the form on the contact page).

Credits, Shows, etc:
03/11 - Photo of Luego in the Live in Your Living Room article on
03/11 - Web & print promotional photos for JKutchma
06/11 - Solo show at Amplified Art: Still: Concert Photography of Ash Crowe
08/11 - Photos on display at Nataraja Healing Arts & used in their web advertising
09/11 - Group show Moment's Note: Photographs of NC Music sponsored by Hopscotch Music Festival and SparkCon